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  • ORICO 2.5″ USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Review 2588US3


    The ORICO toolless 2.5” USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure (2588US3) brings a great combination of price, performance, and quality to the table. Though it is not perfect, for $9.99 the enclosure does exactly what it was intended to do without making too many sacrifices along the way. By the end of my video review I concluded that ORICO produced a a highly functional drive enclosure with only one minor drawback.

    While unboxing the product the first thing I noticed was that the enclosure is entirely composed of plastic. It does flex slightly when force is applied to it from the hands but it will provide adequate protection to the drive housed within in the case of a fall. The included USB cable was of good quality, it was thick, the connectors were solid, and I believe it should last many years to come with moderate use. Also included in the package was a customer service card and a user manual.

    After playing around with the enclosure for 15 minutes there were several things I really liked about it right off the bat. My absolutely favorite thing about this particular case is how easy it is to swap out / install 2.5” drives thanks to its toolless design. Installing a hard drive takes about 30 seconds, just slide the back panel off, pop a drive in, replace the panel, and you are good to go. Another thing that I really like is the fact that since it is composed of plastic the enclosure is light yet surprisingly durable. I dropped the enclosure from heights of several feet, not a scratch was made to the case and the drive inside was left 100% intact. Finally the USB port is placed in an easy to access location and the blue LED Indication light is nice and bright. I am a big fan of practical yet simplistic designs, the ORICO enclosure embodies both of those traits.

    There is one minor drawback that I would like to address in this review. For the most part the drive is held securely inside the case. Though, if enough force is applied to the enclosure (i.e. from a drop) the internal drive can become dislodged from the SATA port and will no longer be properly recognized. This is an easy fix thanks to the toolless design, just pop the cover off and reseat the drive. This only happens in extreme use case situations but it is definitely something to note if you are considering buying this drive.

    After you install a SATA drive in the enclosure all you have to do is plug the drive into your PC using the provided USB cable and it should just work. I tested the drive with both Windows 7 and Xubuntu 16.04 (Linux) and it was plug and play with both operating systems. Once the enclosure is ready to go the blue standby light will turn on, when the drive is being written to or read from a red LED indicator will flash to let you know that the drive is being accessed. For a budget drive enclosure transfer speeds were good. I was getting read speeds of approx. 216MB/s and write speeds around 160MB/s from an SSD that could do up to 509MB/s read and 163MB/s write through a SATA III port. It’s not going to be able to saturate a USB 3.0 port but the speeds are definitely acceptable for an enclosure in this price range.

    Drive speeds through SATA III

    Speeds through the enclosure

    This is a great budget drive enclosure which provides easy accessibility, good quality, and decent read and write speeds for a very good price. I am definitely putting this product on the list of enclosures I would buy if I ever need another one!